Tegwen Robb

Tegwen Robb

Private Client Secretary


Tell us about your career.

I am a Private Client Secretary and I joined the company originally in 1987.  I initially worked with the Probate department before having a break to raise a family.  I rejoined the company in 1997 in the Conveyancing department, working then as a floating secretary across all departments before moving back to the Probate department in 2011. I deal with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Administration of Estates. Prior to working for Bookers and Bolton I worked for solicitors in St Albans and Wales for 6 years in similar roles.

What do you offer clients of Bookers & Bolton?
I am enthusiastic, friendly and well organised and I am extremely conscientious with my work.  I want our clients to know that we are always there to help them in their difficult times.

Tell us about you.

Where did you grow up and what are your earliest memories?
I grew up in Wales and my earliest memories are of visiting my cousin on a  nearby farm.

What was your first job?
My first job was working at a local café when I was 13.

What is your favourite film or TV programme?
My favourite film is Oliver Twist.

Name something you love doing and why.
I love singing with the Waverley Singers, continuing my passion that started when I was at school.

What do you dislike most?
I dislike laziness.

What country would you most like to visit and why?
I would like to visit the Barrier Reef as I have always been fascinated by this since I first saw a documentary at school.

What are your personal ambitions?
I would like to travel and visit more new places